Showcasing the Power of Brand Representation and LinkedIn Values: A Recap of the LinkedIn Local Oyo Event Sponsored by Cardify

September 16, 2023. In the realm of corporate social responsibility, fostering meaningful connections and sharing valuable insights with the community is pivotal. One such exemplary endeavor was the LinkedIn Local Oyo event, proudly sponsored by Cardify, an innovative company that...

Cardify’s Impactful Sponsorship at the JCI Ibadan Annual MBA Program

In a remarkable display of commitment to corporate social responsibility and educational empowerment, Cardify proudly sponsored the recently concluded JCI Ibadan Annual MBA Program. The event, held at the prestigious Government College Ibadan main auditorium, marked a significant step...
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Transforming IT Education in Ibadan: The Role of Cardify Africa’s CSR Initiatives

In the historically rich and academically vibrant city of Ibadan, a significant transformation in grassroots IT development is unfolding,...
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