Understanding Cross-Border Transactions: Cardify Africa’s Policy for International Transactions

Understanding Cross-Border Transactions: Cardify Africa's Policy for International Transactions

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In our increasingly interconnected world, cross-border transactions have become routine. Whether shopping online from international retailers or managing business expenses across borders, understanding the costs associated with these transactions is crucial. At Cardify Africa, we strive to make your financial management seamless and transparent, including a clear understanding of our cross-border transaction fees.

The Cross-Border Transaction Fee

When you make a cross-border transaction using Cardify Africa’s services, and the transaction occurs outside the United States, a fee of 2.5% of the transaction value will be charged. This fee, calculated based on the transaction’s value, ensures you are always aware of the costs associated with your international spending.

Our fee structure maintains the high-quality services you rely on. By clearly outlining these fees, we aim to provide the transparency you need to manage your finances effectively, without hidden surprises.

Why a Cross-Border Transaction Fee?

Cross-border transactions often involve additional processing and conversion steps compared to domestic transactions. These steps incur costs that ensure secure and efficient handling of your funds across different currencies and banking systems. The 2.5% fee allows Cardify Africa to cover these costs while continuing to offer competitive and reliable services.

How Cardify Africa Supports Your Financial Needs

Cardify Africa is more than just a digital wallet platform. Our comprehensive suite of products caters to various aspects of your financial life, making it easier to manage your funds across different wallets and currencies.

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