Understanding Why Virtual Dollar Cards Get Declined

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What to do when your card gets declined.

Virtual dollar cards are a gateways to seamless international transactions, but what happens when they get declined? Understanding the reasons behind virtual card payment failures on Cardify Africa is crucial for ensuring smooth transactions. Here are clear facts and solutions to address this issue:

Use cases of Cardify Dollar Cards
Use cases of Cardify Dollar Cards

Types of Virtual Card Payment Failure

Authorization Declines: This occurs when the issuing bank denies the transaction due to insufficient funds, suspicious activity, or exceeded limits.

Technical Glitches: Connectivity issues or system errors can result in declined transactions, disrupting the payment process.

Causes of Declined Virtual Dollar Cards

Insufficient Funds: If the balance in the linked NGN or USD wallet is insufficient to cover the transaction amount, the virtual card payment may get declined.

Transaction Limits: Exceeding daily or monthly transaction limits set by the issuing bank can lead to declined payments.

Security Checks: Suspicious activity or inconsistent transaction patterns may trigger security checks, resulting in declined transactions for the cardholder’s protection.

How to Fix Declined Card Issues

Check Wallet Balances: Ensure that there are sufficient funds in the linked NGN or USD wallets to cover the transaction amount.

Review Transaction Limits: Verify if the transaction amount exceeds the daily or monthly limits set by the issuing bank and adjust accordingly.

Contact Customer Support: Reach out to Cardify Africa‘s customer support for assistance in resolving technical glitches or security-related issues.

Update Card Information: Ensure that the virtual card details, including expiration date and CVV, are entered correctly during the transaction process.

Monitor for Suspicious Activity: Regularly review transaction history and promptly address any unauthorized or suspicious transactions by contacting customer support.

Virtual dollar card declines on Cardify Africa can be frustrating but are often due to security measures or technical glitches. Understanding the causes and taking proactive steps can ensure a seamless payment experience.

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