Easily and quickly pay for your Youtube Premium subscription using Cardify Virtual Dollar Card

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Undoubtedly, YouTube stands out as one of the most informative and entertaining platforms worldwide. It’s not surprising that it ranks as the second most frequently visited website globally, just behind Google Search. Nevertheless, numerous users express frustration over occasional interruptions by advertisements while watching videos or listening to music on YouTube.

Fortunately, there exists a straightforward solution to this predicament: subscribing to a YouTube premium plan. Previously, it was convenient to pay for YouTube premium using a Naira MasterCard or VISA card. However, due to the ban imposed on these cards for international transactions, this is no longer the case. Consequently, many individuals have had to explore alternative platforms such as Cardify to facilitate online dollar payments.

By utilizing a payment platform like Cardify, signing up for YouTube Premium becomes a swift and uncomplicated process. This article offers valuable insights into efficiently and effortlessly paying for a YouTube Premium subscription using Cardify. Continue reading to discover more!

How to pay for Youtube Premium subscription with Cardify Virtual Dollar Card

✅Download the app from Google Play Store
✅Create an account
✅Verify your account
✅Enter all your information on the app
✅Verify your BVN
✅Turn on your 2FA
✅Click on the cards button to create a card
✅Click on “create card” on the card page, then select your wallet to make payment
✅Once payment is successful, click “Continue” to see your new virtual card

See how easy it takes to get your Cardify Virtual Dollar Card?

After successfully generating your Cardify virtual dollar card, you can conveniently utilize it for your YouTube premium subscription. Simply input your card information on the payment page, and you’re all set.


Are you prepared to delve into an ad-free YouTube experience?

Hop on board with Cardify today by downloading the mobile app on Google Play Store. Additionally, remember to spread the word about this thrilling advancement to your dear ones.

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